Mailing Systems

Neopost Florida is an authorized dealer for both Hasler and Neopost mailing systems.

Whether you process mail from your home office or in a mailroom at an enterprise-level corporation, Neopost Florida has a system that will simplify and automate your mailing activities with its revolutionary technology.

Built to provide reliability, performance, and flexibility, all Neopost Florida postage meters and mailing machines feature a sleek, modern design with intuitive features that are easy to master. Plus, our mailing machines are modular, so they can expand easily as your mailing needs grow.

IM280 / IS-280 iMeter™ Postage Meter

The easy-to-use, cost-effective desktop mailing system for branch offices or small offices. With the IM280, you can always have the correct postage you need for your everyday letters and parcels — day or night — right at your fingertips!

IM330 / IS-330 Desktop Mailing System

The IM330 makes it simple to weigh, rate, post and track your mail with accuracy. And, it’s amazingly easy to use, with a level of convenience that more than meets your mailing needs.

IM350 / IS-350 Desktop Mailing System

The IM350’s smart and user-friendly technology starts with the powerful, semi-automatic feeder and integrated weighing platform. Its features, functionality and desktop data access will simplify your mailing tasks and provide effective control of mai

IN-600 HF Mailing System

Dynamic business environments count on powerful performers who can get the job done quickly and simply. The Neopost IN-600 HF delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.

IN-600 AF Mailing System

When it comes to your mail processing needs, the Neopost IN-600 Series delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.

IN-700 Mailing System

When it comes to meeting your most demanding mailing needs, nothing delivers like the Neopost IN-700 Series.

IN 750 Mailing System

When it comes to meeting your most demanding mailing needs, nothing delivers like the Neopost IN-700 Series.

IM5000 / IS-5000 Digital Mailing System

Built for the business environment where performance is essential. Automatically feed mixed size mail, seal and process envelopes whether nested, non-nested or a combination of both. Output options ranging from 210 to 300 letters per minute.

IM6000 / IS-6000 Digital Mailing System

The power house mailing system for high-volume mail centers. The IM6000 outperforms every other mail processor in its class in speed, functionality and ease of use. If maximum performance is your #1 priority then the IM6000 is the right choice.

WJ PRO / IJ-15K Digital Mailing System

The WJ PRO is the high speed digital mailing system for the high volume mail production environment. With cycle speeds of up to 15,000 letters per hour and the ability to process single or mixed weight mail without a speed reduction, the WJ PRO is th

Online Services / iMeter™ Apps

This web-based service is a user-friendly application that enables you to accurately track mail, view expenses, generate reports and protect yourself from unexpected costs, all from the convenience of your desktop computer

IMRLD Roll Label Dispenser

Designed for mail centers that generate high quantities of postage labels, the new IMRLD inkless & linerless roll tape dispenser prints 30 ready-to-stick meter tapes per minute with nothing to peel and no moistening required. Just print and apply.

IM / IS Conveyor

The high-stacking capacity IM / IS Conveyor Stacker allows for increased efficiency as it reduces time spent emptying catch trays. The stacker accommodates 300 posted mail pieces, maximizing system throughput.

Postal Scales

Hasler’s postal scales offer feature-rich intelligence that qualifies them among the most versatile, efficient and productive digital weighing technology available.